5 Grammatical ‘Mistakes’ That are Acceptable in an Essays


To be an academic essay writer you will have to adhere to the rules of grammar. Most often than not, your instinct will guide you to the best word, punctuation, and sentence grammar. But, at times things can get a bit confusing and for that, you need to look up things. When you do so chances are you will end up changing the sentence structure for grammatical correctness.


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We are told to not use these to start a letter. Like an adage, sad is that we heeded to it. The instructors made it easier for themselves to show us that the  FANBOYS (For, and by, or, yet, so) are coordinating conjunctions and are used to connect two sentences or parts of the sentence.


“But sir-”


“So, you are doing what I warned against Tim? You don’t start a sentence with the fanboys. ”


“But you just-”




Dangling Modifiers


According to many people dangling modifiers should always be discarded and corrected.


A modifier is a word or clause that describes an essay writing service subject. A dangling modifier is a word or a group of words that don’t have a subject to modify or that modifies the wrong subject or object. 


For example:


“Walking bare feet, the tarmac road pricked burned my feet.”


“Running behind schedule, the meeting had to be canceled. “


“Lighting up the sky, I looked at the fireworks, amazed.”


Usually, most of the dangling modifiers are corrected (rightly so), as they make for an ambiguous sentence. The correction connects the modifier to the correct word. 


“Lighting up the sky, the fireworks had my full attention.

“Walking bare feet on the tarmac road, I burned my feet. 


However, many times the correction is unnecessary. The added noun fetters the sentence and takes the pace away from it. A dangling modifier is an error that should be avoided when you start write my essay task, otherwise, it is okay--judged against the ambiguity in the sentence. 


Modifiers work well with participles that have been turned into prepositions: Considering, Regarding, Given, etc. 


“Given the financial situation, these numbers don’t make sense.”


Like, As, Such as


Some people don’t welcome the use of ‘like’ when ‘such as’ needs to be used when comparing somethings or stating options. Whereas its a question of formality. ‘Like’ is gives the sentence an informal vibe, while ‘such as’ gives it a more formal one.


However, many of the great artists such as H.G. Wells, Dickens, Mark Twain, etc. have used ‘like’ where they could have used ‘such as’.


A good example is a slogan used by Winston cigarettes that led to one of the hilarious ad campaign: Winston cigarettes taste good as a cigarette should.”


When criticized about the wrong use of the word like, that it should be used before a clause (or be used as a conjunction).


Theirs replied in an ad: “What do you want. Good grammar or good taste?”

Predicative Nominative


“Who’s there?”


“It’s me, your husband.”


“It should be, ‘It’s I, your husband,” the wife replied, “I pity the students you teach grammar to.”


However, here again, it’s a matter of formality rather than grammar.


Split Infinitives and Verbs


This ‘errors’ comes due to the Latin origins of English. Where an adverb, a word, or a phrase cannot come between an infinitive. 


Compare this: “I want you to carefully step on the paddle.”


To this: “I want you to step on the paddle carefully.”


Surely you according to the rules the second one is grammatically correct. But in a scenario where the object is learning to ride the cycle, the first one is the correct choice. 


While the place for an adverb or a phrase is after the infinitive most of the time, it helps the writer use the other option like essay writing at times.